Anti Theft Backpack
Anti Theft Backpack

Anti Theft Backpack


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  Latest laptop bag models on the elwade1. elwade1 provides you with a large collection of

laptop bags, so that you can find the perfect bag for your laptop.

Anti Theft Backpack


We offer you an anti-theft laptop bag, the ingenious solution that will protect your

laptop and your precious devices ..

This is because it is a specially designed bag with internal pockets that do not open

from the outside.

And with a suit that is completely hidden, that is, no one can open it from your back

while you wear it ..

In addition, the outer case of the bag is completely waterproof, tear, and shockproof.

A cushioned inner body protects your devices and provides them with adequate

protection from any external factors

Anti Theft Backpack

The bag is specially designed to give you the freedom of movement that you need.

And let you go with your laptop anywhere without any problem,

The interior space is designed to carry your laptop regardless of its size or dimensions.

And it has an inner padded pocket for the laptop to protect it from shocks,

The pocket is provided with a tight elasticated strap to increase the safety of the laptop and

prevent it from moving completely to ensure maximum protection.

Anti Theft Backpack

The exterior of the bag is very simple and chic, and it will work with you on any style, formal or

casual as well.

I mean, you will be able to leave the office or the company, and you will be able to wear suits

and shirts with you,

You are also able to go to the university or graduate with it, and you will be able to look casual.

The cushioned design of the arms and back gives you unparalleled comfort and freedom of


Also, it will not cause any kind of sweat at all, even in the summer and the heat, so you can move around with it without


Anti Theft Backpack

The inside of the bag is a masterpiece of art, ergonomically designed to

accommodate all your devices and tools.

. It means the charger, mouse, and other tools that you need for a laptop.

This is not your need, whether work paper or study tools .. All of this will be easy

with you in the bag without any problems

Also, it is equipped with a side output with a USB connection to connect the power

bank inside

The bag and you can charge the mobile by connecting it to the outlet in the body of

the bag while you are on the go

Anti Theft Backpack

This anti-theft laptop bag is available in black, gray, and blue as well as mauve for a

limited time

Anti Theft Backpack


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