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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Samsung Galaxy A80


Samsung Galaxy A80

Product information

Release Date

Thickness pack
18.2 centimeters

Package weight
480 grams

Battery Capacity in mAh
3,700 mAh

Never a dull day will pass again with the Samsung Galaxy A80 Dual SIM smartphone.

the structure
Samsung Galaxy A80 Dual SIM phone - body

Main features
Dual SIM

ROM: 128 GB

Ram: 8 GB

Fourth generation LTE

Triple camera: 48MP + 8MP + 3D depth camera

Battery: 3700 mAh

Screen: 6.7 inches

Capture amazing moments
Samsung Galaxy A80 dual-sim phone
The Samsung Galaxy A80 smartphone has an impressive 48MP camera that integrates photos and videos. Moreover,

 the 8MP wide-angle camera covers a 123-degree field of view which is almost as good as the human eye

. With the 3D Depth Camera from Galaxy, you can take detailed photos and close-up shots. The direct focus feature of this smartphone focuses on the objects while taking photos and videos.

 Hence, it blurs the background and increases image quality. The Galaxy A80 smartphone includes a Quick Measure app to determine

 the dimension of furniture and other objects. Moreover, the scene optimizer technology of this smartphone camera automatically controls the surrounding environment to improve the picture quality.

An evolution in energy and mother
Samsung Galaxy A80 dual-sim phone

The Samsung Galaxy A80 Dual SIM phone features an Octa Core processor with Intelligent Performance Enhancer technology to deliver an excellent performance.

In addition to this, the 8GB RAM includes

Seamless operation of multiple applications simultaneously. as a result

-You can work on large sized apps and games smoothly.

Due to the powerful 3700mAh battery, the Samsung A80 will give you long hours without the need for charging

. Additionally, the 25W super fast charging technology of this smartphone ensures fast charging so you can always enjoy exploration without any chargers and wires.

 By unlocking the phone with fingerprint, strangers will not be able to access your valuable contents. In addition, the Knox platform protects your sensitive and private data.

Smart technology and massive storage
Samsung Galaxy A80 dual-sim phone
You can customize your daily work with the Samsung Galaxy A phone

80 thanks to the Android 9 operating system.

The digital assistant from Samsung Bixby installed on this smartphone makes it easy to organize things.

 The Bixby system updates on almost everything.

The Samsung Galaxy smartphone automatically understands your routine

It runs applications. Moreover, this smartphone closes applications

 Inactive for battery saving and smooth performance.

You can save countless photos, videos, and files, thanks to the internal storage capacity of 128GB.

The phone shines in a beautiful golden color that immediately grabs attention. Furthermore it,

This smartphone features a lightweight glass and metal frame that enables you to use it for hours without feeling any discomfort.

The Samsung A80 smartphone has a 48MP rotating camera for live videos during adventure travel. in addition to

, The phone comes with a 6.7inch Infinity Display

This enables you to enjoy an immersive experience watching TV shows and movies online

. You don't have to worry about your photos and files being hacked because this phone features the Knox system.

Likewise, the fingerprint sensor on the screen provides fast and secure access to your data. Furthermore it,

The Galaxy A80 is equipped with a powerful Octa Core processor that ensures efficient management of large applications and games.

 Additionally, the processor is further elevated by the Intelligent Performance Enhancer technology.

 Enjoy hassle-free use of multiple apps simultaneously, thanks to the 8GB RAM.

 Hence, you can get most of the work done without experiencing any delays.

The Galaxy A80 smartphone has a high end battery of 3700mAh

This enables you to work for continuous hours without any interruption.

 Moreover, the 25W fast charging technology recharges the battery in moments.

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We sure do!
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