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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Smart Fitness EMS -Electronic Training Set

Smart Fitness EMS -Electronic Training Set

Your dream of perfect body is not a miracle that is difficult to achieve, and you reach the shape that you want, it does not need superstitious efforts from you, especially that your day will be full of many details between your work and your home and you will not miss the time that helps you to go to gym every day in addition to the fact that the subject is very expensive.

If you are not satisfied with your body and it affects you or you psychologically and embarrasses you and makes you feel, you do not know what you love and who you are in? And if you do not have time between your home and work, you go to the gym and go on certain exercises .. The wonderful electronic training set

will be the perfect magic solution that will shake you up and guide you to a controlled body without effort. The "electronic training group" is what will make you the ideal body that you dream of by means of electrical impulses that work to break down fat completely and at the same time be completely safe for your muscles and will not cause any stress or tension.

The EMS electronic training group is world-famous for being the number one invention that all athletes use in their training and is used by the most famous players in the world, such as Mohamed Salah, Ronaldo and Messi, Jay now with more pieces and larger offers that work on all parts of the body:

(Abdominal muscles - buttocks muscles - back and neck muscles - arms and thighs muscles - leg muscles).

The first piece: the "abdominal piece", which is dedicated to the abdominal muscles, which works on tightening the abdomen, showing the Six Packs muscles, losing fat and eliminating the problems of the rumen through the way of electrical impulses, which will improve the shape of the muscles with continuous use, which will not tire you or stress you and you can use it in your normal day without Limit felt

The second piece: the "butt piece", which comes in the form of a sympathetic arc for tightening the muscles of the buttocks and buttocks, which will help you reach a slim, attractive body that can be used alongside sports or walking and helps to hide silhouettes and sagging in the buttocks and buttocks area.

The third piece: the “back and neck piece”, which works on the back muscles and gives the back a slim and straight shape. It also works to relax the muscles in the neck area and get rid of back and lower neck pain due to the micro-electric technology.

The fourth piece: “the arms or thighs piece” and is divided into two devices that work on the muscles of the arms or the thighs, and in the case of using it for the arm area it works on highlighting the muscles of the bay and triceps and in the case of using it in the area of ​​the top of the foot or thighs, it will help you to acquire an aesthetic shape and allow you to walk for long distances without Feeling tired and tired.

And the fifth piece: the “foot massage piece”, which relaxes the nerves of the body and gives you relaxation after a long tired day and thus loosens the muscles of the whole body and gives you an ideal sense of comfort and helps stimulate blood circulation activity in the body, relieve physical fatigue and eliminate laziness and lethargy.

The surprise is that for the first time, I made offers for you on the 4 different groups to choose the one that suits your needs, including:

Main set: (belly piece + arms or thighs piece)

Integrated set: (belly piece + arms or thighs piece + butt and buttocks piece)

The overall set: (abdomen piece + arms or thighs piece + breech and buttocks piece + back and neck piece)

The mighty group: (abdomen piece + arms or thighs piece + butt and buttocks piece + back and neck piece + feet massage piece)

You can also buy an abdominal muscle piece, a buttock muscle piece, or a foot massager piece separately.

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