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Thursday, February 4, 2021

The magic piggy bank -the best gift for your children and loved ones - with a secret number

 The magic piggy bank - the best gift for your children and loved ones - with a secret number

We all know our children to save money and that they depend on themselves, and this will not happen without what is needed by encouraging them,

drawing their attention and letting them feel that they know and relying on themselves, and this can be through more than one method. And we always

think with you about what suits them your cheese, which will let them save their money and rely on themselves, the magic box.

The magic piggy bank will be very suitable for you if you think about a different gift for your children and are confused

.. Always trade me to bring you all new and because of this, the magic piggy bank that will teach your children to stuff it and it will be

a special and beautiful gift that you will simplify as if it is their own small safe that they will be able to enclose in it their metal and paper money and lock it up Especially for them, also,

I mean, no one can open it other than the owner of the password .. You can also change the password as you like and more than once

.. If you enter a wrong password the piggy bank, you will have the green color, equipped with two holes, a slot for paper money and

an opening for metal money, and the paper money comes out applied and organized However, it is available in many shapes and colors for boys and girls and has distinctive music for opening and closing.

Magic Money Box

How to use: Enter the default password consisting of four zeros (0000) the piggy bank will be green in color, and if the password is wrong, it will be red in color

, the opening wheel is damaged by the clock and opens automatically with a musical sound, if you forget the password,

you remove the battery for five minutes And it returns it a second time by returning the original password (0000).

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