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Friday, January 14, 2022

Waterproof Non-Slip Rubber Rain Shoe Covers, Elasticity Galoshes for Traveling, Reusable Boot Overshoes, Fit for Men,Women,Kids


Waterproof Non-Slip Rubber Rain Shoe Covers, Elasticity Galoshes for Traveling, Reusable Boot Overshoes, Fit for Men,Women,Kids

Anti Wet Shoe Gloves

Can you meet yourself with a monstrosity for two months in order to get a sweet rhizome and a rainy ride that dampens you all in the order, 

which is the most difficult need we can keep facing it in the winter, our demise will be muted .

. And if you believe yourself and wait for the rain to get rid, you will not get rid of the mud that is in the street. 

The white ... and because we need the new leprosy or the new Kuchi suit, and I need a response to the fading that happens

 at home after we walk in the rain, they gave you this terrible invention, “silicone shoe gloves”

Shoe gloves that are specially designed from silicone in order to ensure that there is no point in contact with the kuchi 

or boots with your bag nor clay, and at the same time it will be flexible with you and its flexibility also allows you to wear it on your boot,

 regardless of the size and size of your shorts, especially the skin and leather sheath shoes. Water is known to make it peel and crack.

 Guanti will cover your leg completely and suitable for any size and shape, and it will take the shape of your shoe,

 so that a single point of water in the air of your leg is not touched and does not reach your shoe.

 This guanati is the same as what will be protection for you during rain and in the streets, 

so it is a response that does not reduce your clothing and it will fit on it and it will look like a stump

 Real because it is designed in a way that allows it to take the shape of your shoe, regardless of its size,

 whether your classic or Kochi Sporting, and at the same time its material is skiing, no matter how muddy and rainy it is, you will be extremely safe

This guanti will be with you anywhere and it will help you because thanks to the silicone that is made of it, 

you will not face any problem with cleaning and using it more than once without the trips in the rain, and salvation from today, 

you will not be disturbed again on the shoes that are gone, nor will you have to wipe and clean

 them every little while after a day A bottle, and you will guarantee the addition of your house and your car, and you will be very satisfied with your check with my waterproof shoe gloves ..

Guanti is available in two sizes:

- Kids size in colors: gray - blue - green - red

- Adult size in colors: white - green - gray - red - black - purple - blue

1, Made of high quality silicone material, non-slip bottom, thickening design, shoe cover is durable.

2, Ultra elastic silicone shoe cover stretches freely, it is easy to wear but not easy to fall, when you go through it has good elasticity. It also fits all kinds of shoes. 3, Perfect for people have to go out in rainy snow days and outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, gardening, etc; Keep your shoes dry and clean all day. 4, the lightweight & foldable design make it perfect stored in your backpack or handbag, easy to carry whenever you want to use the shoe cover, use it. 5, easy to clean, it can be worn comfortably many times.

Waterproof Shoe Cover 1 Pair Reusable Silicone Shoe Covers Unisex Shoes Protectors Rain Boots for Indoor Outdoor Rainy Days

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